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Review Policy

If there's one thing we truly loving, is sharing all the great fitness moments you have. We call these accounts reviews. Bouquets when the service of the Gyms exceeds your expectations, brickbats when the service is shocking, chronicles of your fitness excursions - they all count. The best reviews cover the quality, service and ambiance of a fitness activity experience. We appreciate a nice, descriptive as much as a quick, punchy one with useful tips. 


We at getoutsite make sure that reviews are of high- quality content that is useful to everyone who uses it. That before publishing a review over the website it gets passed from our content team. We require at least 2 working hours to get your review online, if it does not violates our “term of use” and code of conduct (given below). Also to make the review more relevant , reviews need to be a 150 characters long to get submitted 

  • Notice for fitness centres and professional: You can access your reviews and comments on the review by “My review” section of your account on getoutsite. You can also report a review by clicking on the “Report this review” link placed against each review given, if you find any of the review offensive or not in accordance to our “Term of service”, “Privacy policies” and “Review Policy”. This request reaches us and we scrutinize the issue in hand by getting in touch with you and the reviewer. Getoutsite team has complete authority to remove (or not to remove) any reported review, if not found suitable.
  • Getoutsite automated spam filters remove suspicious reviews, comments, and ratings without notifying the person who wrote them. Additionally, we have a team that checks every review and photo that's submitted; in this case, please understand that moderation is subjective and can completely depend on the mood of the moderator.
  • If your review is altered or deleted because it doesn't match up to the Getoutsite Code of Conduct you won't likely receive an email from Getoutsite. To make sure you don't get on the wrong side of our moderators, be fair and objective. If you feel your review was deleted in error, email us at 
  • Getoutsite provides fitness centre and fitness professional information for free, but in no way do we take responsibility for their actions, service, equipment, or the experience they provide. While we provide an advertising platform for them, we do not endorse or represent them in any way.


While we encourage you to voice your opinion and describe your fitness clubs experiences, there are a few things we expect from every user on Getoutsite:

  • Keep it relevant: Please keep your contributions relevant to Getoutsite. If it doesn't have anything to do with your experience, it's best to leave it out. Accounts placing irrelevant, inappropriate, or promotional content, which solicit customers, or that spam gym pages, will be deleted (with or without notice) as it is against our Terms of use and review policy.
  • Keep it clean: Whether you're writing a punchy 150-character snippet or a delightfully detailed account of your experience at any fitness centre or with a professional, keep foul/abusive/hateful language, SMS-lingo, threats, and lewdness out of it. We just like you, hate junk and will delete it whenever we see it. This also includes (but is not limited to) personal attacks on an individual, derogatory comments on someone's protected characteristics (e.g. race, gender, religion), or indication of a personal vendetta against a business and its associates.
  • Keep it fresh: Only one review per fitness centre or professional should be submitted; you're most recent experience at a place counts, and that's what is going to help people when they're trying to decide whether or not to join there. You're free to edit and update your review (once submitted) based on subsequent visits at any time, by contacting us at We will try to resolve your query at the earliest.
  • Keep it real: Write your review based on facts and your own experiences (not a friend's). Please don't exaggerate or falsify your experience. We do not take sides in cases of dispute, so make sure you can stand by your words, if the review gets reported by any fitness centre or professional. Content that indicates the reviewer hasn't even visited the fitness centre or talked/met fitness professional will be removed. For example, "Never been here, never want to, Management is horrible and the service is worse!" Deceptive, fake, or misleading reviews will be removed. Analysis of these types of reviews solely lies with getoutsite.
  • Don't steal: Plagiarism is something we take seriously. Copying others' reviews or photos, or even re-posting your own (in full or in part), is something that will not be tolerated. We trust that you'll play fair and create your own content. In this case the user account will be immediately be suspended and review deleted.
  • Tell the whole story, not just links: Please give full disclosure in your review. We're sure that honesty is the best policy, and other users will respect you even more for it. If you have made it to the major league as a fitness writer or critic, let us know and we can provide special access for your blog link to appear with your reviews. We love summaries, but incomplete reviews with a manually added link will be removed. In case you think that providing link in your review will help fellow getoutsite user, please write us on
  • Be yourself: Your profile is your identity on Getoutsite, so keep it real. You're welcome to use a screen name, but please refrain from using inappropriate names, bios, or profile images. We want to stay clean, and we might end up removing your account depending on how inappropriate your profile is.
  • Don't misrepresent: Identifying or promoting yourself as an official Getoutsite blogger, or soliciting compensation or freebies in exchange for promotion on Getoutsite will NOT be tolerated. If multiple reports or evidence of such instances are brought to our attention, we reserve the right to delete your Getoutsite profile, no questions asked.
  • Play by the rules: The reviews and photos you add should be in compliance with Getoutsite's Terms and Conditions, as well as local laws and regulations. Local laws take precedence, and content may be moderated to adhere to these.
  • Seek help from the right people: Getoutsite is a website and mobile application with no claims to be a court of law or a ministry of health. If you have a dispute with a fitness centre or a professional, or if you feel they does not measure up to health codes, we encourage you to contact the appropriate authorities directly.



Getoutsite is a great way to reach out to a vast fitness community. A few things you should keep in mind:

  • Keep your listing updated: While our team makes every effort to keep information on Getoutsite up-to-date, we appreciate you informing us if you get a new phone number or alter your prices. If your timings change and your listing is not updated, customers arriving late won't be too happy with you (or Getoutsite).
  • Reviews: We understand that fitness centre owners and affiliates might be the most passionate about fitness, so you can continue to share your workout experiences with the world. All we ask is that you maintain objectivity while doing so, and avoid writing reviews of your own gym(s) or of your competitors. We might have to delete your profile if we find you reviewing competitors or your own gym(s).
  • Don't solicit reviews: The best way to get reviews is to delight customers with your ambiance and service. Selective solicitation is a strict NO, and offering any type of compensation or kick-back for reviews is unfair, so you definitely want to keep away from that as this will blacklist your profile on
  • Respond to criticism positively: Take two deep breaths when you get a negative review. Three, if required. This happens to all the listings on getoutsite who have customers. These customers are always right, even when they are wrong. Take the unflattering reviews as constructive feedback and use it as an opportunity to fix things. Whether you agree with the feedback or not, take the criticism in good stride. Please don't use this as a platform to hit back or offer the customer an incentive to edit their review.
  • Be accountable: Getoutsite will not moderate any questionable activities about your fitness centre posted in reviews. (e.g. serving fitness drugs and supplements where it is not permitted, giving trainings to minors who are not physically fit for those trainings, or staying open later than permitted). First names of employees and mentions of owners will also be left immoderate. This business requires thick skin - stating the perceived attitude of owners or employees and reporting of individual actions are not considered personal attacks. We always give the benefit of the doubt to the reviewer.

It's also important to note that we (Getoutsite) have no employees or affiliates who are paid to review. If any guest identifies themselves as an official blogger, review employee, or associate of Getoutsite, it's not true. Employees of Getoutsite are contractually and ethically forbidden from using their status to solicit free subscriptions or receive special treatment. If you observe any such practice, report it to Appropriate action will be taken against the user or employee if evidence can be provided.