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Your business name is the basis on which users can identify places to go. The criteria we employ to make listings user-friendly are as follows:

  • Your business name should be as displayed on the signage outside the establishment. This is to ensure the customers are able to recognize the establishment based on the listing on Getoutsite.
  • We do not put up your business taglines & establishment types in the name of your business. Taglines are descriptive notes of an activity, but are not a part of the name. A user will always remember your business by its name rather than by its tagline, making it easier to search.E.g. 'Fit life – fit for life' is an incorrect name, since “fit for life” is a tagline that shouldn’t be mentioned in the name.
  • Your business name aliases/abbreviations are not to be added in the listing name, as it reduces the chances a user can find the Activity in an organic search.
  • We avoid writing the name of your business in all-caps unless that is how it appears on the board, as it affects the search. Also the capitalized version does not display correctly on a mobile screen.


The address of your business is a fundamental piece of information that guides customers to the place of their choice. The criteria we follow to make your business get searched easily are as follows:

  • The address needs to be in a standardized format for consistency and ease of understanding for users. The format we follow is:

[Shop/ Plot Number], [Opposite/Beside Landmark], [Road Number/Name], [Neighborhood], [City]

  • We do not add other listing names as landmarks since it affects results when searching for either business names.
  • We do add the Floor number along with name of the building if your business is situated above the ground floor and may not be easy to locate.
  • If your business has moved to a new location, we will need to make a new listing for your business, as the customer’s experience will change, and old reviews will not hold for the new location.
  • We try not to add more than one landmark, and we never use abbreviations such as St. (for Street), No. (For Number), or Opp. (for Opposite). These affect the quality of the listing.


The features segment comprises the attributes that a user is most interested in when making a decision to contact you. Some of the major attribute tags that we need to keep in mind are:

  • The staying facility tag is only applicable to those establishments where customers can stay overnight. Mostly applicable for resorts and hotels.
  • Medical assistance tag helps customer to know about nearby hospitals and clinics accessible in case of any medical emergency. Also provide information for in house medical assistance, for .e.g. “First Aid box available for basic treatment” can be written.
  • Transport facility tag is only marked if it can be used by the customer to reach your business establishment form any specific location. Transport facility used only for internal staff will not qualify your business for this attribute. 
  • Safety gear and equipment tag is applicable for businesses which provide sports or fitness gears required to do a specific activity. For .e.g. boxing gear, safety belts, helmets etc.
  • Products and Merchandize tag represents availability of in house nutrition bar and branded products such as gym bags, T shirts, hoodies etc. within your business establishment.
  • WIFI available is marked only if WIFI is available to be used by customers at your establishment. WIFI connectivity that only the internal staff can use does not qualify your business for this attribute.
  • A/C available is marked only if A/C is available to be used by customers at your establishment. A/C availability that only the internal staff can use does not qualify your business for this attribute. Mostly applicable for Indoor sports and fitness centers.


Working hours represent the business hours of your establishment, so that the users can plan their outings accordingly. Some of the timing guidelines we have for our system are as follows:

  • We follow the 24-hour format while entering the timing on the listing; this will be displayed in the 12-hour format on your business listing page. We do not add AM/PM in the time fields.
  • Since the timing grid accepts only numerals, we need to enter an opening time and closing time for your business. Using text such as 'Late' or 'Early Hours' will not work, as the 'Open at' filter cannot pick these up and business hours will not appear on the business listing page.


The photo stream on the business detail page gives users a basic idea of what to expect at the Activity. A complete set of façade, ambiance, and food shots on business detail page makes the listing rich and gives the user all he needs to make an informed decision. Some of the basic pointers to keep in mind while uploading photos are:

We only put up relevant pictures that showcase your business establishment ambiance, features and facilities. This is because customers looking through the images would want to know the factors that could affect their experience while visiting your business  – primarily the ambiance and facilities. Façade/exterior shots are added to help customers identify your business visually.

  • We follow an order in which pictures appear on the photo stream, which is maintained for all businesses:

[Façade/exterior shots] --- [Ambiance/interior shots] --- [features/facilities shots]

  • Facade shots include pictures taken from the exterior of your business establishment, typically including your signage and the entrance.
  • Ambiance shots include pictures of the interiors of your business establishment gives the users’ information about the space or nature of the activity place.
  • Features/ Facilities shots include images of various features and facilities which helps user to identify the quality and other hygiene factors.
  • We do not put up images with people in them.
  • We also do not put up stock images or taken from other websites, as that would be copyright infringement. If these pictures have been purchased by your business, they are not uploaded as they do not depict the true nature of your business and service provided and may be misleading to the users.
  • We upload images only in .JPEG format since they are the most compatible with the website.
  • We do not add photo collages as these do not allow for a clear view of the ambiance/features of your business establishment.


Users rely exclusively on the listing pricings and opening/closing timings on getoutsite to visit or contact a fitness center or fitness professional. We maintain some important criteria for pricing and timings, based largely on user feedback:

  • A single day can have multiple opening and closing timings, so provide information accordingly. Ensure that user doesn’t get the wrong information and reaches to you or your fitness centre at a wrong. For example, if the opening timings are 10:30 am we suggest you to put 11:00 am as the opening timings. Also if the closing timings are 10:30 pm we suggest you put 10:00 pm as the closing timings.
  • A single day can have special class timings such as ladies timings or other special fitness batches for users. Please provide the information for the same at the additional information box given at the end of the registration form. These timings has no relation with opening/closing timings of your fitness business establishment.
  • Information about the pricing of the services provided by you will be managed by you. We will provide you with the login ID and password for your account on getoutsite where you can make these changes. So please provide a comfortable price range for your services accordingly. Pricing are categorized on monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually and on the basis of number of classes/days.
  • You can ask us to keep the pricing section on “Price on request” status, but it is advised that user should provide some approximate pricing for the services provided as it will help the website user to reach up to the decision of contacting you for your services.