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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. I have lost my login credentials/not received my login credentials. What to do?

Please fill the “contact us” form stating the name of your business and a link to your profile on We will recreate your login credentials and provide you the same at the earliest. Please keep your login credential safely written to avoid forgetting or misplacing them.

2. Is email ID and mobile number is a required field?

Yes, both are required fields. Your Correct email ID and mobile number are very important for us as it’s the only source of communication between GetOutSite team, your potential customer and you. Putting them wrong over your profile will make our services useless to your business as we won’t be able provide you with various business opportunities coming our way because we cannot contact you.

We assure you that we will not share your data with anyone. Please read our Privacy Policy

3. What are “User Level Tags” over my profile?

User level tags are fun way to keep you involved and active on GetOutSite. By being more actively involved you can reach to various User level tags explained below. You will upgrade to the next level as soon as the sum of activities created via active buzz section on the homepage and number of authenticated reviews given is more than your current level total.

  • Couch Potato (Level 1):Sum less than 50
  • Lazy Runner (Level 2):Sum=>50 and <150
  • Active Junkie (Level 3):Sum =>150 and <300
  • Pro (Level 4): Sum =>300 and <600
  • The Spartan (Level 5) => 600 and above

Every user starts with “Couch Potato” user tag i.e. level 1. Be more active on to enjoy healthy lifestyle on your way up!

4. What does “call me back” button do?

For any service provider, you can drop them a SMS by clicking on this button and filling the form, so that they can call back immediately.

5. What does “Report problem with the listing” do?

If you get an unprofessional response from any of our service providers or information given in the listing is not complete (or false), we would like to know about it. Report a profile and we will try to resolve the issue at the earliest.

6. What are the various skill levels and their significance?

All the fitness centres can show what kind of skill level they expect from their first time customers by choosing any of the option below:

  • Rookie: No skill with any prior experience is required. For example, a bike rental service will come in this category. A user needs to have basic bike riding skills at least.
  • Amateur: Intermediate skills with some prior experience are required. For example, swimming classes for 18+ users as they need to have basic swimming skills to enrol for these classes.
  • Master: Developed Skills with relevant experience is required. For example, cricket academy for national level players will come under this category.    
  • Professional: Highly developed skills are required. For example, elite taekwondo club only for professionals. 
  • Any level: No or Any level is applicable for doing this activity. For example, any gym or fitness centre providing general fitness regime to all its users will come in this category.


First of all we would like to welcome you to outdoor fitness discovery platform with over 70+ sports and fitness activity to choose from. Let us introduce you to the homepage divided into 3 sub sections:

1. Browse Activity Section

Choose from various sports and fitness categories, the complete list are given below:

1. Air Sport

7 Team Sports


a. Bungee Jumping

a. Basketball

a. yoga/meditation clubs

b. Skydiving

b. Cricket

13 Automobiles

c. Hot Air Ballooning/Parachuting

c. Badminton

a. Motorboat

d. Kite Flying

d. Hockey

b. Bikes

2 Animal Sports

e. Footbal

c. Cars

b. Horse Riding/Racing

f. Football

14 Water Sports

c. Polo

g. Handball

a. Canoeing

3 Endurance Sport

h. Paintball

e. Ball Sport

a. Running/ Jogging

I. Lawn Tennis

f. Swimming

b. Dance

j. Volley Ball

g. Scuba Diving

c. Skating

K. Kabbadi

h. Snorkeling

d. Squash

8 Combat Sports

I. Under Water Photography

e. Gymnastics

a. Boxing

j. Sailing

f. Cycling

b. Karate

15 Target Sports

4 Snow Sports

c. Kickboxing

a. Archery

a. Ski Boarding

e. Taekwondo

b. Darts

b. Sled Sports

f. Wrestling

c. Golf

5 Strength Sports

g. Crappling

d. Knife throwing

a. Weight Training

9 Climbing Sports

e. Shooting

b. Power Lifting

a. Rock/Rope Climbing

f. Bowling

c. Arm Wrestling

b. Trekking/ Mountaineering


6 Table Sports

c. Camping


a. Table Tennis

10 Gyms and clubs


b. Billiards

11 Mind Sports


c. Carron

a. Chess/Sudoku


d. Snooker

b. e gaming


Click on these activities and find various fitness centres and professionals related to this fitness activity. We keep on updating this list from time to time with new sports categories.

2. Active Buzz Section

Meet like-minded people by creating fitness and sports events, free of cost. Just click on CREATE and fill the “Activity creation form” to create an activity on GetOutSite. You will get Join in request from other interested users to do that fitness activity with you. You being the admin of the activity can either “ACCEPT” or “DECLINE” any request.

Also share it among your friends on facebook, G+ or within your GetOutSite network. Otherwise join in other interesting activities created by other users. Before joining any activity or creating one please read our Privacy Policy and Term of service.

You can manage your created activity by logging in your personal dashboard and going to “My List

3. What’s going in you city?

This is your fitness search bar. Just pick a location to find various fitness centre and professionals in that location. You can also search by selecting a specific date to find various fitness events happening all over Delhi NCR. Pick location and date together to find fitness events, centres and professionals in that specific area and date.


Hashtags are made for every member of GetOutSite. We make hashtags of features/facilities of fitness centres and achievements/certifications/experience of professionals. Select hashtags according to your needs to refine your search result.

4. Top member activities/ professional this week.

We bring to you this week top 25 fitness options and events from around Delhi NCR which you can easily access from the home screen itself. Top 3 fitness options are available on the home screen itself and other options can be seen by clicking on “View all” button.


 By “General Users” we mean people who are visiting this website to avail its services. There are 2 dashboards you need to know about:

  • Personal Dashboard: Your private space where you reach after logging in.
  • Public Dashboard: Your public account (visible to everyone) on the website.

 Now allow us to explain each aspect of your personal profile one by one.

1. What is a personal Dashboard?

When you login to (either via fcb/G+ or filling registration form). The first screen which you land to is your personal dashboard to which only you have the access to. You can have access to “My profile” section of your personal profile anywhere in the website by clicking on the top right corner menu icon and selecting “My account”.Your email ID and password is required to login to your profile. Please keep your login credentials confidential. Read our privacy policy.

2. What are the various sections in my personal dashboard?

Allow us to explain each and every section in detail. This explanation is same for the GetOutSite members ( registered fitness centre and professionals) as well.

My profile:

Here you can see and edit the basic information of your profile over the website such as email ID, mobile number, your address and other networking links. Here you can change your password (if you have logged in by filling out the registration form) and email ID thus changing your login credentials.

My Reviews:

Reviews given by you over the website will be shown here. You can also see the comments of other reviews. Here you can delete your review if required.

My Activities:

In this section you can create your own fitness activity by clicking on “Create activity” and filling up the form. For more information read FAQ section under “Create Activity” heading.

This section helps you to manage your created activities divided into 3 main headings:

  • Upcoming Activity: Fitness activities scheduled in near future will be given under this heading
  • Past Activity: Fitness activities created and completed by you in the past.
  • Currently happening: Fitness activities happening right now presently

My List

This section is sub divided into 3 sub categories as:

  • My joined activities:  Other activities you have joined which are created by other users. Here you can keep a track of different activities you have to go or decline.
  • My Wish list:  Here you will see all the fitness centre and professional profiles you always wanted or wished going, as this is your to-do list of fitness.
  • Been to list: Here you will see all the fitness centre and professional profiles you have visited or contacted before
  • My favourite list:  All the fitness centres and professionals you visited and had an amazing experience.

These lists get generated when you click on “Add to wishlist”, “Add to favourite” and “Add to been there” on any fitness centre or professional profile.

My Network list:

The section will allow you to manage your followers and users who you are following on GetOutSite. You can follow any profile to get updates and notifications of that specific profile under “My notification” section.

My Notification:

This section is an important part of your profile and divided 3 sub sections:

  • Contact Log: In this section you can see the list of general users and members who tried to contact you. Messaging facility will be available soon where, interested people can contact you by dropping a message in your “Contact Log” Section.  
  • Joined Users: Here you can manage the request of various users to join in for the activity created by you. You can either accept or decline their invitation to join in your activity. Please take due diligence while accepting an invitation. Please read our Terms of Service for more clarity.
  • Recent Activity: This section will update you with what is happening within your network. The profiles that follow you and your followers are your network. So always make sure to follow those profiles only with whom you want to be in touch with.

For any other query, please reach to us by filling out the contact us form, thanks!